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planetesimal malechoir


Planetesimals are tiny particles that float around the universe, just like how people are tiny specks that drift through life. Planetesimals gravitate towards each other to become stars, just like how people are drawn to others through music. Even though everyone has a different personality, a different background, through music, they come together to share stories and find connections. Let their soft melodies flow into the deepest parts of you.

LIANG Sheng-kai

LIANG Sheng-kai is an emerging Taiwanese choral conductor. In 2017, he got the master degree from National SUN Yat-sen University (NSYSU), where he studied choral conducting with Taiwanese choral maestro Dr.WENG Chia-fen. LIANG combines scientific methods, logical principles and emotional experiences to build up his efficient rehearsal style. His music abounds with sincere feelings and fluent interpretation, which win the hearts of the jury in many competitions.

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