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Saint Angela Choir

Saint Angela Choir


Officially established since 2010, Saint Angela Choir is a school based choir from Bandung, Indonesia. Under the direction of Roni Sugiarto, Saint Angela Choir has participated in various international competitions and concerts such as in China, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Spain. Saint Angela Choir is the 2nd prize winner of the 49th Tolosa Choral Contest, which is a part of the European Grand Prix of Choral Singing. Saint Angela Choir has also worked with some well known conductors : Haruko Kuwabara, Maria Theresa Vizconde Roldan, Jude B Roldan, Mark Anthony Carpio, Basilio Astulez Duque, Josu Elberdin to name a few. Saint Angela Choir is currently representing Indonesia as a member of the Young Voices of the World, which is an association of children‘s and youth choirs around the world. In order to promote children and youth’s choral singing in Indonesia, Saint Angela Choir has arranged 3 editions of Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival since 2014.

Roni Sugiarto

Roni Sugiarto is one of the leading conductor of children and youth choir in Indonesia. He is known for his award-winning choir, Saint Angela Choir, where he promotes genuine, expressive and beautiful appropriate singing for children and youth. With SAC, he has attained international achievements in Hangzhou, Japan, Rome, Florence, South Korea and Tolosa, Spain. Roni is currently the Artistic Director of the Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival and the Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival. He has also adjudicated several international and national choir competitions/festivals, as well as being active in leading choral and conducting workshops.

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