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Seibu Junior High School Chorus Club


We cherish to sing joyfully with the motto of “Singing with our Hearts”. We sing a wide of songs, from chorus songs to popular music and anime songs and mainly perform in our school festival and local chorus festival. Furthermore, we actively enter a variety of choral contest such as TICC, National Choral Competition and The NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition. We work hard in daily activities for richer and fuller sound.
We have entered 4ht TICC final round and received the bronze prize. In 2021, we commissioned Kentaro Sato to write a song named “Kaze no Nakani” (means “in the breeze” in Japanese). We performed the song in the 28th Vocal Ensemble Contest in Aichi Prefecture and received the gold prize.

Yuya Miyada

Born and raised in Gifu Prefecture. As a conductor, he has been working on the chorus club of Seibu Junior High School in Kasugai, Aichi since 2019, and Willow Choir (willow also means the name of snack famous in Aichi) in Aichi. As a singer, he participates several choirs and performs mainly in Aichi and Gifu Prefecture. He is currently in charge of many positions and works hard for choirs belonging to his community, such as a Secretariat of Gifu Choral Association, the vice manager of Chorus Section of Educational and Cultural Association of Kasugai Elementary and Junior High Schools.

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