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Sendai Chamber Choir "TSUMUGI"


Hello, everyone. We are Sendai Chamber Choir “TSUMUGI”. This choir was organized in August 2020, and are joined by about 40 members, who chorus happily every week. The name of “TSUMUGI” was named with the expectation that we want to make the bright harmony well even if we are a small number of members. Since the first year of organization of this choir, we have been challenging both of Japanese songs and foreign language songs. Participating in not only the chorus competitions held in every year but also the concerts held in Sendai city, we have performed various songs. Though we cannot be active freely under the current epidemic of infectious diseases, we want to do the bright performance for listeners to feel hopeful.


Takahiro Watanabe

He is the president of Sendai Chamber Choir “TSUMUGI”. He started to chorus in earnest when he joined Sendai Minami high school chorus club. In 2009, he entered Fukushima University and joined the mixed choir, which participated in All-Japan Chorus Competition national tournament. He was in charge of a student conductor in 2011. In 2018, when he instructed the chorus at the high school choir, he run into Hideaki Matsuo who is a voice trainer. They deepened friendship and planned to establish a new choir. In the end, they founded Sendai Chamber Choir “TSUMUGI” by combination in August 2020.

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