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Super Mobile Chorus Heroes Bustergeyser


Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Bustergeyser! We, “Cho-kido Gassho Sentai Bustergeyser” (literally translated as “Super Mobile Chorus Heroes Bustergeyser”), are "superheroes" born in Minami-Osawa, Tokyo. We fight through singing under the activity policy of “delivering beautiful harmony, having a large repertoire of choral songs, as well as working together to make choral music more popular.” As is the case with any other superhero, we have “a story.” Though it is a long story actually, let us tell only the important part. To this day, we have been fighting against “the perfect life form, Giga Spire” (the last, enormous enemy of humanity) with the one and only music that arises from the interaction among our members. Each of us, who are brought by the “Art Stone” (energy source of our music), has our own theme color. The individual colors become the tone color, or timbre. They resonate with one another in various ways and create an infinite harmony. May our prayers for peace reach you, from our fictional world to the real world, and from Minami-Osawa to the world.


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