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VocalEnsemble TokyoKomachi


Formed in January 2023, mainly by young members who aspire to music. Komachi means the signboard girl of the time and region, and we aim to create a beautiful harmony with a sense of transparency that lives up to the name. We especially want to hand down Japanese songs that have been sung for generations to future generations. In addition to activities in Tokyo, we are trying to perform the composer's songs at places related to the composer.

Hideki Miyasato

After graduating from Waseda University, he studied conducting at Toho Gakuen School of Music with Tadaaki Otaka, Seiji Ozawa, Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Masamitsu Takahashi, and Nobuaki Tanaka. After that, he studied under many maestros as a trainee at the Vienna State Opera. In addition to guest appearances at the Romanian National Opera House of Constanta, he has served as a music staff member at the New National Theater Tokyo etc. ,and has conducted many operas, including the performance of the Japan Opera Association "Yuzuru" . He has conducted Tokyo Philharmonic, Nagoya Philharmonic, Sendai Philharmonic, Toho Gakuen Orchestra, Soai Orchestra, etc.

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