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Voce Vibrante

Voce Vibrante


Voce Vibrante, or a vibrant voice, is a choral group led by Artistic Director Sean Foo. Composed of choristers from all walks of life, the choir's main objective is to reshape the manner in which choral music should be taught and approached, and offer a fresh perspective through a collaborative process between conductor and chorister. Voce Vibrante wants to show the community, especially the younger audience, that music itself is a visceral, undeniable sensation that connects us as people. Regardless of your attitude towards music, we are here to reinvent the wheel and offer relatability to you.

Sean Foo

Sean Foo is a choral conductor, music arranger, and vocalist. Believing in the potential that resides in every singer, Sean’s pedagogy and instruction revolves around the core philosophy of uncovering said talent. He demands excellence from his choristers. Through that process, he believes in the nurturing of young voices. Understanding the need to consistently learn from others much wiser than him, Sean is currently pursuing his second diploma in both Voice and Conducting.

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