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Waseda Female Chorus


Founded in 2018, the Waseda University Female Choir, also called as “Wasejo”, is an intercollegiate female choir of 40 voices and is open to students from any university. The group is also the only women’s choir at Waseda University.
Our philosophy is “Deru kui wa utarenai” (which literally means “any nail that sticks out never get hammered down” and is a wordplay of a Japanese famous proverb “Deru kui wa utareru”, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down) and each member plays the leading role.
We continues to cultivate the art of choral music through our annual concerts as well as performances in the Waseda-Keio Women’s Chorus joint concert with the Keio Wagner Society Female Chorus, the Tokyo choral competition and the Tokyo choral com...

Takuya Yamawaki

Takuya Yamawaki was born in Osaka in 1976 and studied choral music in Waseda University as a member of Waseda University Glee Club. After graduating, he participated in the founding of the male voice choir “OEDO Choraliers”. As the conductor of OEDO choraliers, he was won the first prize in national competitions.
In addition, he is also active as the director of Waseda University female choir, female choir Pure heart and more. He was particularly interested in the beautiful sound of equal voice choir, and he has a reputation for producing beautiful sounds for equal voice sounds.

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