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女声アンサンブル The Mermaids

Women's Vocal Ensemble "The Mermaids"


The Mermaids is a female voice ensemble formed in 2013 under the direction of Masafumi Ogawa, Music Director, mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa. The concept of the ensemble is "to pursue the potential of the human voice and create an ensemble that makes the most of each individual voice. So far, they have won the Gold Prize at the Kanagawa Vocal Ensemble Contest (2018), the 1st Prize at the Tokyo Vocal Ensemble Contest Gold Award for Female Voices (2022), and performed at the 24th International Kodaly Symposium (2019).

Masafumi Ogawa

Dr. Ogawa studied choral conducting under Jan Harrington, music pedagogy under Estelle Jorgensen, and vocal music under Yoshiharu Nakamura and Shigeo Harada. He is currently a professor at Yokohama National University and a lecturer at Tsuru Bunka University.

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