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Young Angels Choir


The Young Angels Choir was founded in 2018. The choir is a public chorus group composed of graduates from major music schools in China, master's degree holders with excellent musical accomplishment, overseas returnees and other elites in various industries. It is a highly educated and high-quality youth team, as well as a youth group with a great spirit of chorus exploration. Since its establishment, the Young Angels Choir has held many concerts in Zhongshan concert Hall and Guotu concert Hall under the leadership of Meng Jia, its artistic director and permanent conductor.

Meng Jia

She graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music. Founder, Director and Artistic Director of the Voice of Angels Choir; Senior teaching and research member of Beijing Koday Music Education Committee. She served as deputy Secretary General of Koday Music Education Committee of Beijing Musicians Association. She has been engaged in chorus rehearsal and art popularization for nearly 20 years, and has rich experience and unique insight in chorus formation and operation, teaching and chorus training. She has led the choir to carry out international exchanges for many times, participated in many international and domestic music competitions, and won many successes. At the same time for domestic and foreign art colleges, music related professional training of many outstanding talents. In 2019, she conducted the Voice of Angels Choir and won the Gold medal of the Chamber Group of the 8th World Music Festival in Florence, Italy.

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