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La Pura Fuente


Founded by the Seisen Jogakuin High School Music Club graduates in 2010. In 2011, they received the Gold prize and the Mayor's prize in the Kanagawa prefecture competition of the Japan Choral Competition. In 2014, they have made it to the National competition and recevied the Gold prize, Takamatsu City Mayor's prize, and the Kawai encouragement prize (overall 2nd place) in the Chamber choir category. In 2017, they have been performing for 4 consecutive years in the National competition and received the Gold prize and the Japan Broadcasting Association award for 2 consecutive years (overall 3rd place). Apart from competitions, they are actively working, such as being the model choir in the Pure temperament masterclass by Ko Matsushita, receiving a performance lecture by the composer Vytautas Miskinis in the 15th Hokutopia choral festival open lessons, performing in the National Choral Festival held by Koriyama city and choral masterclasses with composer Levente Gyöngyösi, holding charity concerts, etc.


Mikiko Sato

Studied plant ecology in the Yokohama National University faculty of education, and currently along with being in Seisen Jogakuin, she is holding research activities of plant society in and out of Japan, for example of the Guiana shield and Mount Kilimanjaro. Studied conducting under the late Shin Sekiya, she started leading the Seisen Jogakuin Junior High and High School Music Club from 1998. Past achievements in Japan include multiple consecutive Gold prizes and the Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the National competition of the Japan Choral Competition, and multiple consecutive Gold prizes in the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition Junior High and High School caetgory. Internationally, she became the overall 2nd place in the Grand prix of the 49th Seghizzi International Choral Competition 2010, winner and overall 1st place in the Grand prix of the European Choir Games Graz 2013, best conductors prize and overall 1st place in the Grand prix of the Bad Ischl International Choral Competition 2015. To raise the youth choral activities, she is actively working to perform new compositions in and out of Japan, making recordings, having exchange programs with choirs abroad, holding charity concerts, and enwidening her range of activity with the choir "La Pura Fuente", which is consisted of the graduates from the Seisen Jogakuin. By the above achievement, she received multiple awards including the Kanagawa prefectural commendation of contribution to education, Kamakura city commendation of contribution to culture, and the Kanagawa school club activity teacher's award. Currently, director of the Kanagawa Choral Association and committee member of the Kanagawa Conductor's Club.

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