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Wenqin Chorus of Zhejiang University


As the only school-level student chorus, Wenqin represents the highest chorus level of Zhejiang University. It has taken active part in numerous competitions on and off campus, domestically and internationally with uncountable awards such as double gold awards for the folklore music and the youth mixed choir groups in the 9th International Choir Competition



Zhenyu Zhou

Conductor Zhou has led Wenqin Chorus to domestic competitions held by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, China Chorus Association and Chinese Musicians’ Association, as well as international competitions including World Choir Games and the Habanera and Polyphony Choral Competition, gaining over 40 honors such as the gold award and the Best Command Award. Having taken crucial missions of performances on province-and-city levels and promoted 10+ special concerts himself, Conductor Zhou enjoys high reputation from insiders as the outstanding one.

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