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Regalo Tokyo


Founded in 2010, they express an unique atmosphere with their strong and clear sound. Repertoire ranges from church music to Showa pops and contemporary music. Made their debut performance abroad at Paris (France) in May 2012. In October 2013, they received the Gold prize (single 1st place) in the Ethnic category of the Pusan International Choral Festival & Competition. Invited as a guest choir to the 11th Karuizawa International Choral Festival in 2015. In the past, they have participated in numbers of recoring sesions, including school educational music and set repertoire of competitions. Additionally, they have performed in the TV program BS-TBS "Japan Meikyoku Album", and participated in the recording of "Chorus for everyone - Studio Ghibli Collection" marketed by Victor in September 2016.



Fujio Furuhashi

Studied conducting under Hideo Saito, composition under Yuzuru Shimaoka, piano under Satoshi Miyajima. He has been working as the pianist of the Nobuko Hara Opera Institute, Standing conductor (Music director) of the NHK Tokyo Children's Choir, Lecturer at Toho Gakuen University Faculty of Music, Lecturer at Tokyo Kasei Gakuin Junior College, Executive director of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Music director of the Hamatsu city Actcity Academy of Music, Director of the Japan Kodaly Association, Commentator of the NHK "N-competition on the Web". Serving as the music director of 10 choirs along with giving lessons around Japan and being a jury of competitions, he continues to stand in a leading position of the choral world. Since September 2013, he is giving lessons as the choral and music director of El Sistema Japan as the restoration support activity since the East Japan earthquake. Currently, the Conductor of honor at the NHK Tokyo Children's Choir, Standing advisor of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Director of the Japan Kodaly Association.

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