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scatola di voce


Founded by the conductor Yusuke Morita and his friends in 2003. Scatola di voce means "Box of Voices" in Italian. Alike a colorful box full of jewels, each shining its own characteristic light, and making a more bright glow when brung together. Members are polishing their voices to make such a choir. Based in Saitama prefecture, they are actively working in many events such as their own concert, choral competitions, and music events, to improve the vocal ability of each member. One mission is to explore the artisticity of choral music and to keep in mind that the audience will enjoy from their heart when performing. Their music selection is also of high reputation. Currently participating in the Japan Choral Competition as the representative of the Kanto region for multiple years in a row. "To make people happy through music" ... with this simple and big dream in their heart, they are continuing to practice with smiles day by day.


Yusuke Morita

Graduated from the Tokyo Gakugei Unievrsity faculty of education Secondary school Edcucation Department of Music. Studied choral conducting under Ko Matsushita, Vocal music under Tetsuya Ono, Piano under Shinichi Shiino. Working as the conductor and music director for 6 groups, and as a chorus lecturer at multiple groups and schools. In 2015, conducted the joint stage of the Four University Female Choir Association Joint Concert, and received high acclaim. Actively participating in Festivals held abroad and International competitions as a singer. He is teaching and practicing the vocal methods of Richard Miller and the Pure temperament senses of Cardos Pal. Organizor of the YouTube channel "Choir Music School Channel". Member of the Japan Choral Directors Association.

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