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Jewel Chor


We are a female choir that spinned out from the PTA chorus of Sakai City (Osaka prefecture) in March 1977. Ever since our foundation, we have been practicing under Takadashi Hosokawa. We are aiming to keep ambition in mind and to convey our thoughts to the audience, and to enjoy singing and moving even ourselves. Currently, 23 members and 2 pianists in the choir. We are practicing every Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:30 at Kita-noda (Sakai city). Participating in the choral festival of Osaka and Sakai, and holding a recital every few years. Apart from that, we also participate in Kansai choral competition and Kansai Ladies. Member of Osaka Choral Association and Sakai City Choral Association. Received the Cultural award of Sakai City in 2015.



Tadashi Hosokawa

Member of the Japan Federation of Musicians and Japan Choral Directors Association. Chorus lecturer for the Izuminomori Harmony, Yamaha soleil, Hummingbird, Choir Kaede, Jewel Chor. Received the cultural award of Sakai city in 2003, Mayor's award of Osaka prefecture for cultural arts in 2009, Special cultural award of Sakai city in 2009. Awarded from Sakai city in 2016. Sennan area choral association executive chief, Sakai city choral association special advisor.

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