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Youth Choir Permonik


Choral studio Permonik is being attended by approximately 220 singers, age 5 to 60. Therefore the studio is divided to the particular choirs according to their age and experience. All the children are going through the hours of rehearsals, stage preparations and concerts until they get into Youth Choir Permonik, where are the most experienced singers who spread the name of the choral studio all over the world. The purpose of the choir is to bring the arts, joy, and heart to audiences home and abroad. Spectators from Sweden to Greece, Great Britain to Russia, in Japan´s Fuji and Shizuoka, at concerts in China, South Korea, Sydney, the United States, and the Czech Republic have appreciated the choir´s performances.


Martina Jurikova

Czech soprano and important choirmaster, who grew up in the Choral Studio Permonik. Besides the Youth Choir Permonik she is also choirmaster of younger departments of the choral studio. She regularly performs with orchestras and other musicians in chamber ensembles.

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