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Ondrasek Czech Youth Choir


In the past 50 years Ondrášek has become one of the most successful choirs in the Czech Republic, winning prizes in international competitions and festivals, and working with the top national artists, composers and orchestras. Ondrášek is a winner of many prestigious festivals (AREZZO, LLANGOLLEN, MONTREUX, NEERPEELT, TAMPERE, CORK, LA VALLETA, BRATISLAVA, GUANGZHOU, WASHINGTON, KAUNAS, JÜRMALA ) and is a sought after choir at home. The repertoire spans a wide variety of musical expression from renaissance to contemporary choir trends. The list of the latest significant awards starts with June 2014, in which, on their very first trip to the USA, Ondrášek sang their way to the first main prize at the Serenade! Choral Festival in Washington, DC. In December 2015, Ondrášek returned home from Kaunas, Lithuania, with the Grand Prix, the prize for the best and most successful children’s choir at the CANTATE DOMINO festival. The latest prize worth of mention is Grand Prix from an International festival in Bratislava, Slovakia in December 2016.


Josef Zajicek

Josef Zajíček (*1961 Nový Jičín) Attended the Military Art School in Roudnice nad Labem, Czechoslovakia (1976 - 1980), studying French horn and harp. 1982 - 1985 Jaroslav Ježek Academy (Konzervatoř Jaroslav Ježka) in Prague. 1985 - 1991 Academy in Prague and Brno, solo singing 1980 - 1988 Army Music Band, Tábor, Concert Master and Soloist and also a popular and sought after interpreter of folk music 1988 Founder of the singing department of the Elementary Art School, Nový Jičín 1992 - present Choirmaster and Art Director of Ondrášek, the choir of Nový Jičín Elementary Art School Josef Zajíček is a member of the NIPOS ARTAMA Prague expert board for child choirs and is a regular member of expert juries.

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