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Miyazaki Hamayu Chorus


Founded in 1970 by the conductor Nakamura Yoshiko as the first mother's chorus group in Miyazaki. They have been holding memorial concerts every five years, 9 times so far. They are planning 50th anniversary concert next year. Every year they participate in Kyushu Mother's Chorus Competition and have recommended to participate in National Mother's Chorus Competition eleven times, winning Himawari Award eight times. Participated in the National Culture Festival five times. In addition, performed overseas, at Carnegie Hall in New York, Konzertaus in Vienna, Nydegg Church in Bern. Also participated in Friendship concerts with Korea chorus group and Taiwan chorus group. Participate in the "Chorus Festival" held by Miyazaki Prefecture Choral Association, "Spring Music Festival" "Day of Children's Songs Concert" held by Miyazaki City. They always perform happily and actively under the lessons of Nakamura Yoshiko, though the average age of them is 75.



Yoshiko Nakamura

Graduated from Kyoto Women's University, faculty of elementary education majored in music. Member of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Vice President of Miyazaki Prefecture Artistic and Cultural Association, President of Miyazaki City Art and Culture League, Adviser of Miyazaki City Choral Association. President of Chorus in Miyazaki "Nire no Kai". Conductor of Miyazaki Hamayu Chorus, Violet Chorus, Singing Friends, Chor Coyu, Rainbow Chorus Miyazaki, Anrakuji Temple Chor Lumbini. Lecturer of Nishimura Community College. Received the Educational Cultural Award of Miyazaki City 90th Anniversary in 2014 and Cultural Award of Miyazaki Prefecture in 2016.

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