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Chorus Group☆VEGA


Chorus Group☆VEGA was founded in Hiroshima in 2009 by graduates from Yasuda High School. Nowadays, they are open for anyone to join and mainly perform unaccompanied sacred choral music. However their repertoire is large, Gregorian chants, baroque, romantic, contemporary music in Latin, German, Russian, English, Finnish, Japanese and so on, at times unaccompanied, at other times accompanied by piano, organ, oboe or other instruments. They are aiming to achieve a prayer-like sound and by their performance, they try to touch people's heart and hope for everyone's happiness. They performed in Karuizawa International Choral Festival in 2013 and 2016, in the joint concert with Brilliant Harmony and Female Choir "Utahime" in 2017 and in Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in 2018. It's a great honor for them to take part in this TICC in their 10th anniversary.


Nozomi Terasawa

Nozomi Terasawa, Chorus Conductor in Hiroshima. Graduated from Elisabeth University of Music, Department of Religious Music course. Received chorus conduct lessons from Timo Nuoranne, Koichi Suwaki, Yoshio Saida, Chifuru Matsubara.Completed Master Class of Chorus Conductor from Dan-Olof Stenlund. By conducting Men's Vocal Ensemble“Tera-otoko”, received the Gold Prize at the 1th Tokyo International Choir Competition. Currently, Hiroshima Prefectural Japan Choral Association Vice President, Elizabeth Singers regular members, Elisabeth University of Music part-time lecturer (choral / religious music).

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