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Philharmonic Ladies’ Choir of Pengjiang, Jiangmen, Guangdong


Philharmonic Ladies’ Choir of Pengjiang, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, was founded in 2000, with Chi Lu as Executive Director, Hewei Sun as Art Director and Conductor. The Choir has 64 members currently, whose average age is 63 years old. After 19 years hard training and stage experience, the choir gradually formed its own artistic style and singing characteristics, gaining a high reputation in the industry. For 5 consecutive years, the choir won the Gold Award in the “Glorious Forever” China National Senior Choir Competition. The choir also won numerous awards in lots of major events in China and abroad. The major awards in recent 2 years include: The major awards in the past two years include: Gold Award, Best Organization Award and the only one Best Performance Award in the “Second Bangkok International Choral Art Festival” in July 2017, Golden Horse Award in the 6th China-Inner Mongolia Chorus Festival held by China Chorus Association in June 2018.



Hewei Sun

Hewei Sun,B.A., Conservatory of Music, China Northwest Minzu University;Director of Chorus-China;Member of China Chorus Association;Managing Director of Chorus-China Guangdong Province Branch;Managing Director of China Chorus Association Guangdong Province Branch;Art Director and Conductor of Philharmonic Children’s Choir of Jiangmen Children’s Palace, Philharmonic Ladies’ Choir of Pengjiang, Jiangmen.

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