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NHK Fukuoka Children's Choir MIRAI junior class


Hello everyone! We are the Junior Class of NHK Fukuoka Children`s Choir MIRAI. We started with the 75th anniversary of the opening of NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting Station, and 15 years have passed since it started. Our choir group is divided into a junior class, from ages six to thirteen years, and a senior class from fourteen to eighteen years with a total of 150 members. Our motto is "We have songs! We have love! We have a future!" Our motto reflects the feelings of our members and how we endeavor to create a better life through song at Fukuoka in Kyushu. Last year, our senior class member won 1th prize in the Children`s Choir Category in the Tokyo International Choir Competition and played at the Grand Prix Competition stage. The experience was a treasure for them. It was possible to connect with those who love songs all over the world. Today, Junior class of about 50 members from ages ten to thirteen years sings. We feel honored to be able to sing today and thank everyone participating in this competition.


Hitoko Oba

Graduated from the Vocal Music Course at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduating from university, she has performed classic, chanson, canzone, musicals and songs for children. Hiroko also participated in a concert of friendship between Japan and Australia as a soloist in 1990. Furthermore, she has developed many activities such as performances in elementary schools and charity concerts, and is motivated as a conducted for choirs. She led a ‘Prize of Sunflower’ at JCA Mother’s Choir Festival and was a prize conducted at the Junior Choir Festival. Nowadays, she is a conducted for Choirs clubs in Fukuoka.

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