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Choir Kashuan


The name of our group has a literal meaning of the "Hermitage of Gathered Flowers" in Japanese. It implies that each artistic character, like a flower, gathers together to express different attractiveness through various music. We are searching after "new" things. It does not follow that we try newly composed songs, or strange things. We would like to destroy the established styles of music by adding an unusual, but still adequate taste. And the "newness" we are aiming for is of relative value. It already exists in the world of choruses and other arts. It may not be up to date, but that does not matter. We are actively seeking what we want to do. What we perform today may not be new, but I hope you can feel our spirit.



Hitoshi Araki

Araki Hitoshi has an experience of conducting the Aichi High School Chorus Club, and he is also in the chorus group, Kashuan. He is trying various styles of music such as Japanese songs, spirituals and Scandinavian folk songs. He is conscious of both "beautiful scenes" and "motions of mind" interwoven in music, and aims at connecting people to music through musical expressions.

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