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Elfe Female Choir


The Elfe Female Choir was founded in 1975 and is one of the female choral groups representing Suginami Ward in Tokyo. Next year will be the 45th anniversary of its founding. Its repertoire mainly comprises songs composed by its conductor, Mikio Ito, and also includes well-known nursery songs. The choir places a lot of importance on the thoughtful words and feelings of the nursery songs. Elfe has participated in the Japan Choral Association's Mothers' Chorus Festival and has received several special awards. In 2008, Elfe presented an original musical, 'The Frog's Bus', presented an Silver Chorus Festival, a concert for young refugees at Tokyo Station, mini concerts at hospitals and nursing homes, the Tsume-no-Kai concert presented by the Japan Children's Songs Association, and summer concerts in Suginami Ward during its 45 years.



Mikio ltoh

Mikio Itoh began working independently as a composer after working for the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra. Besides composing original works, he arranges children songs, choral music, and vocal music. He also serves as the conductor of the Elfe Female Choir and the La Mer Female Choir. He continues to write modern children songs and to arrange Japanese songs like Doyo, Shoka and Jojoka while retaining the charm and feeling of the original music as an important component of Japanese traditional culture.

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