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Chor OBANDES has been performing under the of “A Choir, where the young artists can ensemble with full excite and commitment.” since 2012. Although the average age of the performers is only 20 years old, we aim to create high level harmony based on our music making, which relies on the independence of the each performer within the group. The variety of music we perform is preferably wide, from Renaissance Music to Modern Music.



Kota Yanagishima

Kota Yanagishima (Tokyo/Japan) is choral conductor. He works regularly with numerous chamber and symphonic choirs around Tokyo e.g. vocalconsort initium, chamber choir vox alius, Chor OBANDES, Yokohama Choral Society and Tokyo Juventus Philharmonic Choir. Kota Yanagishima studied choral conducting at the University of Music Saar, Germany. His teachers are Georg Grün (choral conducting) and Toshiyuki Kamioka (orchestra conducting). In 2015 he was selected as a scholar of the German Music Council's DIRIGENTENFORUM and received "Bach vocal" prize by Carus Verlag. There he extended his artistic experience, through conducting several professional choirs e.g. Berlin Radio Choir.

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