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Vocalista Paradisso UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta


Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the choir was established since 1993. Vocalista Paradisso impresses the audiences in various repertoires of many eras and composers, from folksongs to pop songs. Vocalista Paradisso have made a lot of great achievements from 2010 to 2018 at several prestigious competitions, such as Grand Prix Pattaya, 4th Bali International Choir Festival, 1st Lanna Choir Competition, 4th Asia Pacific Choir Games Grand Prix of Nation, and Busan Choral Festival and Competition 2018, etc. Every year, Vocalista Paradisso holds annual concerts for newcomers and also joins national and international competition.


Setyo Watjono

Setyo Watjono is an architech who has been learning music by himself. He started his journey in a choir when he joined Samironobaru Church Choir. He became a music director and conductor of Diponegoro University's Choir since 2004 and have made a lot of great achievement. In 2013, he started to direct Vocalista Paradisso UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta and bring us to get more great achievements.

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