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In 2006, we started HIKARI BRILLANTE because the graduates of Hikarigaoka chorus club wanted to continue to sing with Mr. Amamori and Ms Shiratori. In April 2017, we changed our name to "VOCI BRILLANTI" according to the idea that we want not only the graduates but also anyone to feel free to join our chorus group. Since 2017, we won the Gold Prize and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize at the 2017 Thirty-Third Takarazuka Chamber Chorus Competition general third place, the 2017 70th All Japan Chorus Competition national convention, and the Silver Award at the 71st National Convention in 2018. In March 2019, we will hold a hinamatsuri joint concert with the female chorus group called "Pureheart" and "monosso". Also in March 2020, we have a plan to have a concert in which we only focus on the works by Takatomi Nobunaga. Not only in a contest, but we also sing at the local welfare facilities. Currently, about 40 members, whose ages are wide range from junior high school students to members of society, belong to "VOCI BRILLANTI". Always we are recruiting members!


Kiyoko Shiratori

She had worked at Hikarigaoka Girls High School for 40 years. She had been in charge of the chorus club and had won the right to participate in the All Japan Chorus Competition national tournament high school section 6 times, and played 5 times in the general sections as HIKARI BRILLANTE. In addition, she won the Best Conductor Award at the 15th Budapest International Chorus Competition in 2015. She is currently giving lecturers at the Aichi Gakusen University of Home Economics Children's Life Course, and she also does teach and judge at junior high school chorus competition. She teaches VOCI BRILLANTI and works as a full-time conductor and a pianist.

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