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Junior Chorus Fairies


Junior Chorus Fairies was established in Makuhari area of Chiba city in 2002. Our members are from kindergarten to high school students. We have performed with domestic and foreign artists and choirs. And also, we have participated in numerous events and have worked extensively. We are actively participating in international exchange activities. For example, we held a friendship concert at Houston, a sister city of Chiba. We also participated in a concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Korea. Awards and Honors: Won twelve gold medals in the Chiba Prefectural Choral Ensemble Contest, Won three gold medals in Kanto Vocal Ensemble Contest, First place in Tokyo Spring Chorus Contest, Won two bronze medals in National Vocal Ensemble Competition, Invited seven times to the Children's Chorus Festival, Won gold medal in Tokyo International Choir Competition 2018.


Mayumi Morimoto

Mayumi Morimoto graduated from Tokyo College of Music Faculty of Music, and completed the Department of Arts, Graduate School of Education, Chiba University. She is a director of the Chiba Prefectural Choral Federation, and a member of the Chorus Conductor Association. At the graduate school she studied vocalization and singing instruction for children. Studied choir conducting under Naoto Aizawa and Eiko Aihara. Studied vocal music under Midori Fujita,Fumiko Fujii, Seiya Watanabe and Shoichiro Kusumi. She teaches young people and is performing her own activities too. She is also a permanent conductor of chorus group Junior Chorus Fairies and Carina Voce.

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