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Founded in October 2007, mainly by members who had joined junior- and high school choirs in Chiba prefecture. The choir’s name “VOCE ARMONICA” means “Harmonized Voices” in Italian. Currently, about 30 members are gathering from Chiba prefecture and around the metropolitan area. Participating in competition and holding regular concerts are the two pillars of their chorus activities. They received the Gold prize in the 70th and 71st National Choral Competitions in Japan and premiered some pieces by a Japanese composer Hideki Chihara at their 4th and 6th regular concerts. Interacting with overseas choirs, they also gave a joint concert with an American composer Ariel Quintana in July 2016.



Kazunobu Kurokawa

Kazunobu Kurokawa was born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba. He earned a B.A. in vocal music and an M.A. with music education in the Tokyo University of the Arts. He conducts 15 choir groups, and has won JCA Mothers' Chorus Festival most valuable prize and JCA National Choral Competition Gold prize with some of them. He is currently board member of the Chiba Choral Association, as well as a member of the Japan Choral Directors Association. Furthermore he is Adjunct lecturer of Music at The Open University of Japan.

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