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Founded in July 2016. The group name is "New song" in Portuguese. A choir group that aims for an amazing and surprising chorus activity. Active in aiming for new sound and chorus style regardless of birthplace, age, gender and place of residence. Implement the following new initiatives. 1 Abolition of the headquarters of activities ... Activities in 3 branches of Kanto / Kansai / Tokai branch. Plans to develop nationwide. 4ch multi recording / remote communication by sharing 360 degrees video Expansion of 2 chorus music ... Selection of music not bound by the framework of mixed voice, male voice and female voice. Development of an all-participant ensemble without a leader 3 Establishment of a chorus base ... Development of an organizational base with cloud and business tools. The main appearance stages are the All Japan Chorus Competition, the National Vocal Ensemble Contest, and the Tokyo International Chorus Competition. Under solo concert planning. (FY 2019)


Taiki Shimozono

Born in Kobe City. Through Kwansei Gakuin junior high school, high school, university and university science and engineering department, he studied the digitization of the impression of chords at the same graduate school of science and engineering. While in school, he belongs to Kwansei Gakuin High School Glee Club and Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club. Serves as a student conductor at the Kansai Gakuin Glee Club. Currently, while working for Yamaha Corporation, he is a CancaoNova conductor, and a deputy conductor of the male choir "Wind". He has published several music scores, focusing on "Miyuki Nakajima masterpiece selection" Birth "for male chorus.

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