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chorus group GMC


With the motto, "From Gifu, the center of Japan," chorus group GMC was founded in 2000 by lovers of chorus, music, and people. We currently have 20 members whose ages average in the thirties, and who have all experienced turning points in our lives. Willing to try anything interesting, we challenge ourselves with a wide variety of genres, from classical music to modern choral songs and pop music. We aim to use chorus as a form of expression and hope to share the joy of singing and expressing ourselves with many people. We have gained a reputation for our performances of pieces such as Messiah by Handel, Requiem by Mozart, Chiheisen no Kanata e (Beyond the Horizon) by Makiko KINOSHITA, Shinsho no Umi (The Sea in the Mind) by Junnosuke YAMAMOTO, Yume no Imi (The Meaning of the Dream) by Maki Ueda, and Shouka no Shiki (Four Seasons in Chorus) arranged by Akira MIYOSHI (2 piano version). We have performed at the regular concert of the Tokyo Mixed Chorus at Salamanca Hall in Gifu, Eastern Japan Chorus Festival in Ichinoseki, Municipal Cultural Festival in Gifu Prefecture, and Alti Vocal Music Ensemble Festival in Kyoto. We also give concerts at nursing homes and schools in an effort to expand the range of music lovers.


Keita Kajita

Conductor KAJITA Keita presides over chorus group GMC and instructs a number of female, male and mixed choruses. He has a reputation for his direction of chorus in religious pieces by Mozart and Faure and in musicals and also for his performance with orchestra. He passed the audition in the master class of conducting chorus in Tokyo Cantat 2004. His performance is based on the thorough analysis of music, and wide-raning choral music from Renaissance to modern is in his repertoire. He studied vocal music under Hiroyuki KURATA and Akiya FUKUSHIMA, chorus instruction under Nobuyuki TANAKA, Nobuyoshi YOSHIMURA, Hideharu NAGAI and Kyoko IINUMA, and method of chorus conducting under Hideki MOTOYAMA.

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