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Yayoi-sougensha "R"


Yayoi-sougensha “R” is a mixed Chorus established in March 1996 in Sapporo City, aiming chorus ensemble with flexibility and elasticity in a way only possible with a small group. Our large repertoire includes Renaissance classics to contemporary music, and even new songs by Japanese composers. We also have a positive attitude with picking up “unknown masterpiece”. We devote ourselves to playing “cool” music not only classics, but contemporary music with physical performance. We won the first prize of Sapporo Art Festival in 1996 and 2002.



Naoki Matsuoka

Born in 1971, in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. He was fascinated by choral music in high school. He established Yayoi-sougensha “R” in 1996, after succeeding as a conductor of the Hokkaido University Mixed Choir. He takes charge of advanced chorus lessons for “Tokyo Cantat satellite seminar in Iwamizawa”, which was held in 2004-2013. Now he is not only a conductor of Yayoi-sougensha “R” and instructor of several chorus events in Hokkaido, he also supervises chorus ensembles, and chorus clubs in Junior high schools and high schools.

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