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Ensemble K


Ensemble K is organized as the chorus consisted of alumnae of Japan Women’s University’s High School Chorus Club in 2017. The name of the chorus originates from the conductor, Ms. Keiko Maruyama. Singing a wide variety of songs, Ensemble K participates and performs with our motto, “Cherishing the sound of words. Echoing in the heart of the listeners.” Made its debut at the 73rd Tokyo Chorus Festival in July 2017 as the first performance and performed at the 74th festival in 2018. Besides performing at events/festivals, participating in video works as a back chorus.


Keiko Maruyama

Ms. Keiko Maruyama started her music performance as a member of NHK Tokyo Children Chorus. Graduated from Vocal music department at Musashino Academia Musecae and studied German at the University of Vienna. Performed at various notorious concerts/recitals. Had been a music teacher at Japan Women’s University’s High School for 20 years and retired in 2017. Has been a conductor of Japan Women’s University’s High School Chorus Club. The club won Gold Award for consecutive 13 times at Kanagawa prefectural tournament. Led the Club to win Gold Award at National Choral Competition for 5 times. A director of Kanagawa Choral Association.

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