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Tsurukawa Dai-ni Junior Choir


Tsurukawa Dai-ni J.H.S. chorus club was established by Mr. Manabe when he was transferred to the school in 2005. Miraculously in 2007, Mrs. Manabe was also transferred to Tsurukawa Dai-ni Elementary School in the same school district. Both schools have achieved magnificent results in numerous competitions every year. The choir has been performing at the joint concert, known as its annual regular concert, for about ten years. The concert is performed by a total of 200 participants ranging from elementary school students to adult graduates. There are many fans attracted to the singing of choir members who have learned “Manabe-ism”. Therefore, it’s hard to get the free concert tickets. The choir also contributes to the development of group singing in local communities by giving mini-concerts in hospitals and nursing homes. Their singing comforts singers as well as audiences with a feeling of happiness, and nurtures the spirit of understanding, caring and cooperating with others. We are grateful for such circumstances in which we can share this wonderful spiritual growth. In order to enjoy group singing into the future, we organized a special team including elementary, junior high, and high school students.


Jun-ichi Manabe

Graduated from Musashino Music College, Tokyo. B.A. Degree Vocal Music. Music Teacher of Tsurukawa Dai-ni Junior High School, Machida, Tokyo. Professor of Otsuma Women’s University. Director of All Japan Chorus Education and Research Association, Chief of Tokyo Branch. Gold Prize (National First Place, Prime Minister’s Award) in NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition 2014, 2015, 2017.Gold Prize (National First Place) in All-Japan Choral Competition 1991, 2017 and numerous awards. Lecturer on chorus training, workshops, research presentations in junior high schools, colleges throughout Japan. He continues to record DVDs, new songs and give concerts.Achieved the Excellent Teacher Award by MEXT.

Conductor Nanako Manabe

Graduated from Musashino Music College, Tokyo. B.A. in Piano Performance. Senior Music Teacher of Tsurukawa Dai-ni Elementary School, Machida, Tokyo. Former Vice Director of Tokyo Music Education and Research Association for Elementary Schools. Bronze Prize (National Third Place) in NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition 2013, Silver Prize (National Second Place) in 2015.Highest Award in TBS Children’s Music Competition East Japan Convention 2017 and many other awards. Lecturer on workshops throughout Japan. She works extensively such as recording of new songs and giving the joint concert with Tsurukawa Dai-ni Junior High School. Achieved the Excellent Teacher Award by MEXT.

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