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Le Gland


Le Grand Choir was founded in April 2010 as a "Choir for young singers of Nara prefecture". We are composed of members from teens to 30s. Our main activities are participating in choir festivals, and the Kansai Choral Competition, and holding concerts. We have won the gold awards 4 times in the Kansai Choral Competition. Le Gland is a French word which means “acorn".



Ichiro Uenishi

Mr. Ichiro Uenishi graduated from Osaka College of Music with a degree in vocal music. He studied voice under Mr. Hirokazu Yokota , conducting under Mr. Masami Matsuo and chorus directing under Mr. Hiroki Fujii. He is currently a music director of Chœur Chêne, Ensemble Termina, Music Club of Nara women’s University and Le Gland. He has led Chœur Chêne to gold prizes 13times in the Japan National Choral Competition and winning prize 5 times in the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest. Also he won first place in all categories at The 8th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition. He serves as a director of Nara Choral Association, a director of Kansai branch of Japan Choral Directors Association and a member of “ONGAKUJU”.

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