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Chiba Sunhak Boys and Girls Chorus


Chiba Sunhak Boys and Girls Chorus was established in 2006 gathering elementary, junior high, and high school students who live in Chiba. Associated with the concept of the emblem which shows cranes, “Spreading True Love on Wings”, they have been making excellent progress to be little peace ambassadors who perform beautiful harmony. Their huge repertoires and diverse performances have acquired a good reputation. They hold a concert every year and appeared on the stage of the Music Festival Program in Tokyo Disney Resort. They have held support concerts for the reconstruction of the earthquake-affected area and done volunteer activities in the regional facilities positively. They also performed six times in Korea. They have won golden awards at “Chiba Chorus Ensemble Contest” 5 years in a row and the Asahi Shimbun Prize, the 1st prize in the section of the Golden Award at 2018 Kanto Region Vocal Ensemble Contest, the 3rd prize in the section of the Golden Award of Children Chorus at the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition in 2018.


Keiko Sakayori

Keiko graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae in the faculty of the music department majoring in vocal. After graduation, she has pursued solo stuff as a soprano singer and appeared on a great number of chorus programs with orchestras including Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra. In 2006, she assumed the chief chorus conductor of Chiba Sunhak Boys and Girls Chorus. In 2007, she conducted the original chorus dance suite, “Sunhak”, which combined children chorus, mixed chorus, and Korean contemporary art, “Samul-Nori” with ballet in Korea. She has led various groups such as youth, female, and mixed chorus with diverse singing teaching.

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