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Kokugakuin University Kugayama Junior and Senior High School Girls' Chorus Club


Until Kokugakuin University Kugayama Junior and Senior High School celebrated the 70th anniversary of its establishment in 2011, our club had consisted of all junior high school students, after that, we changed the club to consist of both junior high school students and high school students. We are all girls who love songs and range from 1st-year junior high school students to 2nd-year high school students. We practice four times a week. We have four mottoes: to combine studying with club activities on a higher level, not to limit ourselves, to try to do everything in earnest and constantly make efforts, and to thank people who support us from the bottom of our heart. One of our past accomplishments was when we took part in High School Division A in the 68th and 69th National Choral Competitions as representatives of the Tokyo area. We also won the golden 1st prize in the Vocal Ensemble Contests held in Tokyo in 2018 and again in 2019.



Naoko Miyazaki

B.M. Voice, Kunitachi College of Music. Studied Voice under Fujii Noriaki and Ito Kyoko. Studied Chorus under Sato Kimitaka. Studied Piano under Takeshima Yukiko and Aoki Kikuko. I worked as a pianist to support Christopher Jarvis Haley Hogwood, Wakasugi Hiroshi, and Michael Hampe as they warmed up before concerts. I have experience working previously some schools which won golden prizes in the National Choral Competition. Now, I’m a part-time instructor at Kokugakuin University Kugayama Junior and Senior High School. I also work teaching chorus and as a pianist for vocal music.

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