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Chœur Clarté


The group was formed in June 2017 by graduates of Chiba Prefectural Makuhari Sogo Senior High School. Those who graduated in different years got together, Ms. Atsuko Sangu, a teacher who had been in charge of the choir club at Makuhari Sogo Senior High School, being the leader. We try to draw out the essence of beauty in the music and the words of songs to the full extent by deepening our understanding of them and aim for richer ensemble. Because thanks to outstanding leadership of Ms. Sangu, we have been able to build a strong sense of unity in singing, even though the history of the group is very short. The group’s name “Chœur Clarté” means “Choir Clarity” in French. The name was taken from a song “In Clarity” (words by Sakon So; music by Akira Miyoshi*), which is sung by the choir club at Makuhari Sogo Senior High School as their own “group’s song.” “In Clarity” had been written as a school song for Makuhari Nishi Senior High School, which was united with two other schools (therefore it no longer exists) to form Makuhari Sogo Senior High School. The song remained alive in the choir club at the new united senior high school and further in our group, too, and we aim for “singing voices in clarity.”



Atsuko Sangu

Atsuko Sangu was born in Chiba. She graduated from Kunitachi College of Music (BA) and received M.A. at Chiba University in Education in Music. She taught music at Chiba Prefectural Makuhari Sogo Senior High School between 2007-2017, during which time she coached the choir club there. Starting from her first year at the school, her choir club members succeeded in going through preliminary contests to take part in annual NHK All Japan School Chorus Contest for ten years in a row. Starting from 2012 the group from Makuhari Sogo received the Gold Prize and the Prime Minister’s Prize at the contest for three years successively. Also her choir group from the school has received the Gold Medal in All Japan Chorus Contest 6 years in a row.

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