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Hanamizuki Mixed Choir


Hanamizuki Mixed Choir was founded in 2006 by the graduates of Tachibana Junior High School Choir, which locates in Amagasaki, Hyogo. The name of this group, Hanamizuki, "a dogwood" in English, derives from the Amagasaki city-designated flower. Nowadays, this choir is consisted of members not only from Hyogo but from the whole country. Although there is frequent change of the members, this group has pursued a unique expression based on the leader’s music view, with a motto of, as one of the language of a dogwood “durability” indicates, being a choir where all of the members can return and sing with the others whenever they want to. The technical coach is Takako OKAMOTO, advisor of Secondary School Choir and High school Choir of Mukogawa Women’s University, and ex-advisor of the junior high school choir, from which Hanamizuki originated. The choir won a gold prize in the 72th National Choral Competition in Kansai area, and in Hyogo Vocal Ensemble Contest in 2017 and 2019.



Terumi Sakai

After graduation from the course of Vocal Music at Mukogawa Women’s University, Terumi SAKAI specialized in methods of chorus instruction in Graduate School of Human Development and Environment of Kobe University, studying vocal music under Yoshihumi HATA, and conduct, Yoshio SAIDA. In 2012, she performed in Warsaw etc., as a member of the JCDA Youth Choir, which won the third place in the 28th Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest. Nowadays, she works not only as a leader and a conductor of Hanamizuki Mixed Choir, but as a technical adviser of Secondary School Choir and High School Choir of Kansai University.

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