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Saitama Sakae High School Chorus Club


Our school's chorus club has a new system since last year, which celebrated its 35th anniversary. We practice with the motto of "music is the heart". It was a year I felt with the body that the way of mind really appeared in the performance. I am delighted to have the opportunity to set this wonderful stage this year. Starting with the two pillars of "international exchange" and "new song commission", we will do our best to deliver the new wind of the Saitama Sakae chorus club new system second year.



Mami Shimakata

Graduated from Tokyo Music University's College of Music, vocal music major, and served as a Saitama Sakae junior high school teacher since last April, and we make use of various experiences and believe that music is useful for world peace without making limits as a person, “music is the heart” motto, the way of mind, We carefully teach the way of everyday life.

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