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Tsuruoka Kita High School


Our school, Tsuruoka Kita High School, was founded 123 years ago. Each year, around 400 students study a rich variety of subjects and participate in school events within the tradition of “elegance and liveliness.” Our clubs are very active and regularly join tournaments and inter-school athletic meets. Our music club regularly puts on concert musicals and salon concerts, and our originality is loved by local citizens. We are requested to perform by the community more than 20 times throughout the year at a diverse array of both private and public events outside of the school. In 2016 we won the gold prize in The NHK All Japan School Choir Competition, and became No.1 in Japan. We received the first prize at the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition in 2017, and we were able to proceed to the final round where we were awarded the Special Jury Prize. We have a large and dynamic musical repertoire, which includes pop songs, the work of Japanese singers, and romantic-style music. The “Tsurukita Sound” has a bright clarity and beautiful resonance.


Atsuko Momose

Momose Atsuko graduated from Yamagata Nishi High School. She belonged to the chorus club there, where she was able to join a national competition and sing with the members of the Vienna Boys Choir. She studied education at Yamagata University. After graduating, she started her new post at Tsuruoka Kita High School, bringing back and revitalizing the music club. She has taught for 30 years in total, and during that time the Tsuruoka Kita Music Club was awarded a gold medal in The NHK All Japan School Choir Competition in 2016, and also received awards in the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition and National Choral Competition in 2017. She primarily instructs female ensemble groups, and is deeply passionate regarding music in the local community.

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