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Junior Chorus Fairies


Founded at Makuhari city (Chiba prefecture) in 2002. Members range from Nursery to High school. Having a wide range of acivity including joint performance with artists and choirs in and out of Japan and participating in events. Also, actively participating in international exchange activities, such as holding a friendship concert in Houston (USA) which is a sister city of Makuhari, and performing in the concert memorizing the 50th year of Korea-Japan diplomatic restoration. Awards include nine Gold prizes in the Chiba vocal ensemble competition, three Asahi press prizes, Gold 1st prize in the Kanto Vocal Ensemble Competition, 1st prize in the Tokyo Spring Chorus Competition as MSCC fairies, two Bronze prizes in the National Vocal Ensemble Competition, and seven times of participation in the Children's Chorus Festival.


Mayumi Morimoto

Graduated from the Tokyo College of Music Voice department. Finished the Arts major of the graduate school of education, Chiba university. Director of the Chiba Choral Association, member of the Japan Choral Directors Association. In graduate school, her topic was "teaching vocal and singing during growth". Studied choral conducting under Naoto Aizawa and Eiko Aihara, vocal music under Midori Fujita, Ayako Fujii, Naruya Watanabe, and Shoichiro Hisazumi. Along with teaching the next generation, she is actively performing to brush up her skills. Conductor of Junior chorus Fairies and Baytown VOCE.

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