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Chor NANZAN was born in May 2004 with the graduate members of the female chorus of Nanzan university. Held the 1st concert in 2008, and having biannual concerts since then. In 2017, they have managed to have a full house at Shirakawa Hall in their 5th concert. In the 5th concert, they have commissioned an arrangement to Takatomi Nobunaga, with the title of "Yuming Oldies". This was a memorial evening of a great dream to come true since their foundation. They are a choir with the spirit of the Catholic Nanzan university, "for the dignity of mankind" well alive. Under the lessons of Ms Miki, being the leader since the founding of the choir, they are aiming to be a choir that can express the environment of the music.



Hatsune Miki

Graduated from the Vocal music department of Nagoya college of music and finished the graduate school of Aichi Universary of the Arts. Performed in the 5th Chubu Yomiuri Newface concert and received the 31st award of the Japan Federation of Musicians. Attended the Summer international academy of the Mozarteum conservatory (Salzburg) in 1988 and performed in the academy concert. During the 4.5 year stay in USA, studied under Herman Le Roux in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and joined opera workshops etc. After returning to Japan, along with performing in multiple concerts as a soloist, she has been working on recitals and opera. With a good reputation in conducting and teaching, she is actively working with multiple choirs. Studied vocal music under Yasue Fujimoto. Member of the Japan Federation of Musicians.

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