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Andong Boys & Girls Choir


The Andong City Boys and Girls Choir was formed in 2011 as the first choir in the nation and designated as a professional arts corporation and social enterprise by elementary and middle school students. Despite its short history, they received Silver Medal the 2014 World Choir Games, Gold Medal at the East Asian International Choral Festival. Italy 3rd place in the International choir Competition award in Florence, Italy. On August 15 this year, they was invited to the Korean National choir hosted by the National Choir and performed with the National Choir in the Seoul Arts Center. They have performed successfully as a representative choir Korea. They have performed more than 30 concerts a years and played a variety of genres ranging from classical to jazz.


Kiwon Kwon

Kiwon Kwon is a musician regarded for his diverse musical interests, engaging artistry, and passionate enthusiasm for the choral art. He has the study of master degree in Choral Conducting and Voice Performance from Texas State University, Univ. of Northern Colorado and Doctoral Program in Voice Performance from Univ. of Texas at Austin. For over 23 years, he has been serving as a music director of several choirs in the United States and Korea. He has currently finished Doctoral program in Choral Conducting from Gwangju University.

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