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Mercu Buana Student Choir


Mercu Buana Student Choir was formed in October 23, 1988. Consist of college students and alumni, it developed competencies in various type of music such as Folklore, Modern, Classical, etc. It has actively participating in various national and international choir competition. Through a variety of festival and external/internal events, it has delivered a higher level quality of singing. With a strong passion and belief, it can display dynamic form of the choir who have extensive knowledge of the various type of song. The latest international choir competition we followed are Busan Choral Festival & Competition, Republic of Korea on October 2015 and Lanna International Choir Competition, Thailand on October 2016.


Agus Yuwono

At the beginning of 2010, he has been trusted as a coach and conductor of Mercu Buana Students Choir and has been successfully carrying it to the better way, qualified, and has great potential to be improved. With him, Mercu Buana Students Choir has been won various categories in Canta Al Mar International Competition in Barcelona, Spain, October 2014, Busan Choral Festival & Competition, Republic of Korea,October 2015 and Lanna International Choir Competition, Thailand,October 2016. He recently brought Mercu Buana University Student Choir to compete in Satya Dharma Gita and FPS XXV ITB for a national scale of competition.

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