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Saitama City Junior Chorus


The choir started with the call of "gather, children who loves singing!" by the Saitama city public house class in 2011. Members ranging from Nursery to High school are working hard to brush their senses and to make harmony with putting value on the group-oriented culture, in a place where "they can feel the fun and joy of singing together and express themselves". They are stacking up valuable experience through the Children's chorus festival, welcoming concerts with Cantemus children's choir, and UNICEF invited concerts etc. In concerts, with volunteers from various ages and places, they are giving joint performance for a "town ringing with the voice of singing". Their target is to express the excitement of chorus and to share the joy of music around the world, step by step with care and brave.


Yoshifumi Hasunuma

Graduated from Kunitachi university of music, faculty of vocal music. With the Saitama sakae high school chorus club, participated in the National competition 24 times, and became the winner/Gold prize 5 times. Winner/Gold prize in international compeititons 3 times. Currently, hosting the Wings music office, and working as the conductor of 15 groups including Wings, Chor Dolce, Saitama City Junior Chorus, Chor OBANDES, Mixed choir "On-chi", Cynthia Legra, Hosei university Arion Chor, Mixed youth choir SEC. Giving lectures and being a jury around Japan. Also, he gives personal vocal lessons and led more than 150 students to enter music universities including Tokyo University of Arts and Kunitachi university of music. Recieved the award for distniguished service in education from Saitama prefecture. Standing director of the Saitama Choral Association. Member of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Member of the Choristers group/meeting to think about chorus music in the 21st century "Ongakujyu", Lecturer at NHK cultural center.

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