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Ensemble Tone


Female a cappella chorus group founded in Dec 2006. Under the hands of Junichi Morinaga, they are practicing a wide genre of music from Mass to Jazz with an aim to express a variety of musical colour like a wave. They were motivated by the flyer of the 1st TICC handed out at their 4th concert held on Nov 2011. Received two Gold prizes in the Tokyo vocal ensemble competition, division of mother's chorus, and two awards of excellence in the Tokyo spring chorus contest. They have participated in the National competition of the National mother's chorus compeition twice, and also in the Tokyo chorus festival.



Jun-ichi Morinaga

Born in 1974 in Wakayama prefecture. Graduated from Osaka university department of physics. Studied conducting under Masamitsu Takahashi. Served as the subconductor and main conductor in Osaka university mixed choir, then studied choral conducting and training under the composer/choral conductor Ko Matsushita for 8 years. In 2001, he attended the "Seminar for choral conductors" held in Germany, and worked with Volker Hempfling for conducting and with Gudrun Schröfel for vocal training. Led ensemble tone to receive the Himawari prize at the National mother's chorus competition in Aug 2011. Currently working as the regular conductor for 10 groups, the guest member of the professional choir Elisabeth Singers, and the Vocal bass of the a capella group "Vocal group rue".

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