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Ohfu Gasshodan


Founded by the graduates from Japan women's univesity choir in 1964 and being led by the late conductor Tamotsu Kinoshita, they have been holding annual concerts since 1970. After Kinoshita passed away, they welcomed Nobuaki Takana as their conductor and widened their repertoire to contemporary music. Furthermore, they started to commission pieces to composers in and out of Japan, and in 2014, the number of pieces that they have commissioned became 17, by "Adokenai Kikyou (composer: Ko Matsushita)" at their 50th anniversary. Since 1988, they have had multiple teachers to lead them, starting from Chifuru Matsubara, Ko Matsushita, Hiroki Fujii, Kanako Asami, Isamu Maya, and Yusuke Morita. Currently, they are practicing under the conduct of Matsushita and Morita, supported by the pianist Katsunori Maeda, and vocal training by Maria Nishikori. There even are members that have been singing since the beginning of the choir! Their minds are still fresh, but they have grown? up to become a group that can apply to the Senior category.



Yusuke Morita

Graduated from the Tokyo Gakugei Unievrsity faculty of education Secondary school Edcucation Department of Music. Studied choral conducting under Ko Matsushita, Vocal music under Tetsuya Ono, Piano under Shinichi Shiino. Working as the conductor and music director for 6 groups, and as a chorus lecturer at multiple groups and schools. In 2015, conducted the joint stage of the Four University Female Choir Association Joint Concert, and received high acclaim. Actively participating in Festivals held abroad and International competitions as a singer. He is teaching and practicing the vocal methods of Richard Miller and the Pure temperament senses of Cardos Pal. Organizor of the YouTube channel "Choir Music School Channel". Member of the Japan Choral Directors Association.

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