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Tokyo Women's Choral Society


Members seeking a higher quality of adult female chorus from the choir group "Moyai-no Kai" led by Shinsuke Kishi made this choir. Activities include a CD recording of "Makiko Kinoshita Female Chorus Music Selections" in 2013, performance in the East Japan Choral Festival in 2015, in the 1st "Kanade" Tokyo International Choral Festival in 2016, and holding a joint cocert with the Naniwa Choraliers at Kioi Hall (Tokyo) in 2017. Participated in the Japan Choral Association 70th anniversary memorial concert.



Shinsuke Kishi

Graduated from Kunitachi university of music, faculty of vocal music. Worked as the concert master in Japan Choral Association. Studied conducting under Kazuo Yamada, and harmony/choral methods under Junpei Masuda. Hosting the "Moyai-no Kai", which is a group of choirs that he is giving lessons, and commissioning/premiering a number of choral music. Receiving high acclaim in concerts abroad, and also actively working in various fields such as the jury of NHK choral competitions and the lecturer of choral workshops. Currently, the executive director of Japan Choral Association, Advisor of the Tokyo Choral Association, Member of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Advisor of the East Japan Choral Festival, and Member of the Japan-Austria Cultural Association.

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