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Combinir di Corista


Founded in 2005, to seek the possibbility of chorus by working on a vast range of music era and style, from Gregorian Chant to Contemporary Japanese music. Sticking to the idea of having a wide repertoire, i.e. the "lineup", they named their choir from a Convenience store. They are actively holding regular concerts and charity concerts, and also participating in the Japan choral competition. In the National competition of the 70th Japan choral comptition, they received the Gold prize/Toshima-ku award. Performance in the TV program "Untitled Concert" by TV Asahi, on 12 Jun 2016. As a restoration assistance activity, they gave concerts in churches and schools in Tokyo, Aomori and Sendai, and continuously holding supportive charity concerts every March.


Tsutomu Matsumura ​

Graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts, department of vocal music. Studied French vocal music and Opera under Teruo Mitsubayashi, German lied and Oratorio under Ryuji Kawase, Conducting under Hideomi Kuroiwa and Hermuth Rilling. Placing religious music from Renaissance to Cotemporary as the center of his activity, he also is achieving good results in competitions as the leader of multiple choirs in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Deputy chief of the Japan Choral Directors Association, Standing director of the Japan Choral Association, Member of the Kanagawa Choral Director Club, Member of the Choristers group "Ongakujyu", Executive chief of the Yokohama Choral Fest. Lecturer at Ferrice university.

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