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Kinjo Gakuin Glee Club


The Kinjo Gakuin Glee Club is consisted from students of the Kinjo Gakuin Junior High and High School. Kinjo Gakuin is the oldest Christian's girls school in Nagoya. Since its foundation in 1945, the Glee Club has been singing in about 25 events throughout the year, for example in school events, singing as the church choir in the school, holding charity concerts out of the school and at hospitals. Actively participating in competitions, they also have experience to participate in the National competition. Also, putting effort into international cultural exchange through music, they have given concerts in 10 countries, icluding Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech, and China.


Equal Voice Choir


Reiko Miyaki

Graduated and completed the master course of the Vienna national music university, faculty of music. Performing around Japan mainly by having solo recitals. Studied under Mitsuru Nakajima, Franz donner, Rudolf Pietsch, Werner Schmidt. Crrently, teacher at Kinjo Gakuin High School. Leader of the Ensemble Donau.

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